Tutorials & Articles

Some tutorials or walkthroughs of previous Under The Couch conversions and building projects. Click on the image to see the article.

Modeling: Space Marine Jetbike Conversion
Pre-Heresy Era Space Marine Dreadnought Conversion
Broken Attack Buggy for Maelstrom's Edge - a Mantic Raptor conversion
Aquila Landed – ‘reassembling’ the crashed shuttle from Battle For Macragge

Articles Iain has written for the Maelstrom's Edge Comm Guild Blog. Click on the image to see the article:

Terrain Building:

Giftbox Building
Terrain Sprue Hacks
Watch Tower
Shipping Cages
SciFi Stockyard
Storage Tray Building
Stormdrain Building
Plantation Dome
SciFi Western Building
Board: Hamilton
Scatter Terrain
Blast Craters
Comm Tower
Landing Pad
Giftbox Garage
Cybel Gate
Galactic Wanderer
Broken Building 1
Broken Building 2
Blanket Curtains
Mini Hab Dome
Foam Ball Cactus
Sleeper Caskets
Scatter Terrain 2
Dice Tower
Desert Residence
Giftbox Ruin
SciFi Temple
Storage Tank
Vending Machines
Cooling Towers
Trading Post
PVC Building
Abandoned Outpost
Flight Base Crates
Landing Pad 16: Part 1
Landing Pad 16: Part 2
Shipping Crates
Planter Bunker
Ducting Bunker
Alien Forest
View Screen
Mirrored Building
Sensor Dish
Wind Turbine
Oily Joe's
Removable Roof
New Terrain Sprue
Fire Point
Shanty Buildings
Rocky Outcrops
PVC Rocks
Raised Building
SciFi Quonset Hut
Adjustable Catwalk
Shipping Containers
Specimen Tank
Crystal Outcrops
Escape Pod
Escape Pod pt2
Rodent Ball Ship
Tissuebox Building
Environment Shelter
Fuel Pylon
Water Tank
Expanding Foam Trees
Light-up Grill
Hot Glue Trees
Desert House
Aircon Duct Barracks
Karist Secret Cache
Pop-up Lamp Reactor
Communications Hub