Warhammer 40,000

Orks - Waaagh! Biglug

My ork army, started back around 1999 or so from some second hand minis I had picked up from a friend, and gradually added to over time.

Space Marines - Iron Wolves

Space Wolf army assembled in 2012 for Adepticon, and then tweaked a little in 2014.

Space Marines - Betharin Hunters

An all-scout army that I started back in 4th or 5th edition, and never got around to finishing off... The Commissar was supposed to be a stray they had picked up during a campaign, and in-game would serve as a Sergeant.

Space Marines - Imperial Dragons Lost Company

My original Space Marine army, mostly assembled and painted between 1993 and 1996. Constructed from 2nd edition starter set marines, Space Crusade marines and some cardboard.

Space Marines - Imperial Dragons

This army grew out of the my original Imperial Dragons army when GW discontinued their metallic green paint, forcing me to switch to a different colour.

Space Marines - Black Knights

A store army that I put together from mostly recycled parts, for a store that I worked at in 2004.

Dark Eldar - The Bladewind

A quick throw-together army from back towards the end of third edition. Painted mostly with a quick drybrush and detailing where needed.

Assorted 40K Models

Various models built either for planned armies that never happened (yet!) or just for something different to paint.

Space Marines - Assorted Conversions

Various Converted models. Some of these were commissions or sold on eBay between 2003 and 2010. Others are personal projects.